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Update to Availability of Financial Support for Open Access Publishing in IAVS Journals

Peter Minchin

Dear IAVS members,

On 29 June, as Chair of the IAVS Publications Committee and on behalf of the IAVS Governing Board, I sent an e-mail to all current and past members of IAVS about financial support that may be available to assist you in publishing your work as an Open Access article in our IAVS-owned journals. …

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Call for Abstracts: Journal of Vegetation Science Special Issue “Plant community responses to climate change”

Guest Editors

Description of the Special Issue

An increasing number of climate change studies are showing the need to take into account local and regional contexts if we want to improve our predictions of plant community responses to changing climate.…

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Invitation for joint research in herbaceous vegetation

Prepared by Martin Wassen

This invitation was published in the IAVS Bulletin 2021/1 (

Hi, my name is Martin Wassen and I invite vegetation scientists to participate in joint research about plant diversity and nutrient availability.

My work focuses on herbaceous ecosystems and one of my passions is the relationships between plant diversity and nutrient stoichiometry.…

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