Update to Availability of Financial Support for Open Access Publishing in IAVS Journals

Peter Minchin

Dear IAVS members,

On 29 June, as Chair of the IAVS Publications Committee and on behalf of the IAVS Governing Board, I sent an e-mail to all current and past members of IAVS about financial support that may be available to assist you in publishing your work as an Open Access article in our IAVS-owned journals.  The current e-mail concerns an important update to that information.

APC Support for Vegetation Classification and Survey Extended

IAVS Council had agreed to support Vegetation Classification and Survey (VCS) financially until 30 June, 2023, by paying the Article Processing Charge (APC) for authors who are IAVS members, provided that they had no financial support from their institution or research grants to pay the APC.  This support will now continue until further notice.  The issue of IAVS financial support for APCs of members publishing in VCS will be discussed at the IAVS Council meeting in September, 2023.  Members will be informed of any changes in policies arising from that meeting.

If you have any questions about financial support for Open Access publishing in our journals, please contact me.

Best wishes,

Peter Minchin

IAVS Publications Committee Chair