Author: David Zeleny

VCS Editors’ Award for 2023

Prepared by Jürgen Dengler (on behalf of all VCS Chief Editor)

Cover of Volume 4 (2023) of Vegetation Classification and Survey with a motif from the Editors’ Award article by Strohbach & Strohbach (2023) on vegetation classification in Namibia.

As in every year, to highlight outstanding papers, we selected one Editors’ Choice paper per quarter, and from these four papers, we selected one for the annual Editors’ Award (Dengler et al.…

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Cutting vEdge tools: an upcoming series of free practical seminars organised by the IAVS EcoInformatics

Prepared by the IAVS EcoInformatics Working group

Join us to exchange & get updates on analytical tools in vegetation science!

These practical seminars promote exchange and knowledge on the state of the art of analytical tools in vegetation science. Join us, spread the info and feel free to propose a speaker, give a talk, or propose a subject of interest.…

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Call for Abstracts: “Island plant communities: natural experiments at the intersection of biogeography, conservation and global change ecology”, Special Issue in the Journal of Vegetation Science

The rugged, uninhabited Montecristo Island (Italy) was made famous by the A. Dumas novel The Count of Monte Cristo (1844). The real treasure hosted by this island is the biodiversity it hosts, such as diverse flora and the oldest known individuals of Quercus ilex, the evergreen tree dominating the Mediterranean forest vegetation, which is facing issues due to climate change but also by the feral goats, introduced long time ago on the island.
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Towards more reproducibility in vegetation research

The post provided by Marta Gaia Sperandii, Manuele Bazzichetto, Glenda Mendieta-Leiva, Sebastian Schmidtlein, Michael Bott, Renato Augusto Ferreira de Lima, Valério D. Pillar, Jodi N. Price, Viktoria Wagner and Milan Chytrý

Temporal trend in the percentage of articles published in the Journal of Vegetation Science (JVS) and Applied Vegetation Science (AVS) with data (left) or code (right) made available by the authors.
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Palaearctic Grasslands 58-59 is published

The post provided by Idoia Biurrun (Chief Editor of Palaearctic Grasslands)

This post refers to the new issue 58-59 of Palaearctic Grasslands, which you can read here.

This new issue comes with several announcements and reports about EDGG events and publications, including a detailed report of the successful Eurasian Grassland Conference held in September 2023 in Hungary, announcements on three promising Talk Grasslands next winter, and first calls for the Field Workshop and Eurasian Grassland Conference in 2024. …

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New Schedule of Article Publication Charges (APCs) for Vegetation Classification and Survey (VCS) in 2024

Provided by Jürgen Dengler (on behalf of all VCS Chief Editors) and Peter Minchin (IAVS Vice-President and Publication Officer)

Screenshot of the journal website of Vegetation Classification and Survey (

Like all journals, the IAVS gold open access (OA) journal Vegetation Classification and Survey (VCS) needs to collect the costs of publishing from some source, be it authors, readers, research institutions or the IAVS budget.…

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The value of long-term monitoring of field experiments: a case from the sand grasslands of Central Hungary

The post provided by Ildikó Orbán and György Kröel-Dulay

Two subtypes of our studied vegetation type, showing the two species that are competing for dominance – a) Stipa borysthenica, and b) Festuca vaginata (Photo credit: György Kröel-Dulay)

This post refers to the article The role of drought, disturbance, and seed dispersal in dominance shifts in a temperate grassland by Orbán et al.…

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Call for Abstracts: Journal of Vegetation Science, Special Issue “Biological Invasions in Plant Communities”

The non-native shrub Ulex europaeus invading natural grasslands in Lavalleja, eastern Uruguay (Photo: Anaclara Guido)

Guest Editors

Description of the Special Issue

Non-native plant invasions are a major driver of ecosystem transformation across the globe.…

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Vegetation Classification and Survey (VCS): Editors’ Choice of the third quarter of 2023

Prepared by Jürgen Dengler (on behalf of all VCS Chief Editors)

Example of vegetation types in the Aric Chaco in Central-Western Argentina from the Editors’ Choice article by Zeballos et al. 2023.

Vegetation Classification and Survey (VCS) has completed the third quarter of the fourth volume, containing in total seven articles (see list below).…

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