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Species richness of plant communities: the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer?

Prepared by Francesco Maria Sabatini

Survey of a vegetation plot in a dry grassland in Gran Sasso National Park (Central Italy). Photo credit: F.M. Sabatini.

This Linking to elsewhere post is related to the article “Global patterns of vascular plant alpha diversity”, published by Francesco Maria Sabatini and colleagues in Nature Communications (

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Linking functional diversity, trait composition, invasion, and environmental drivers in boreal wetland plant assemblages

Brandon Allen and his colleagues summarized the results from a recent paper in the Journal of Vegetation Science ( illustrating the complex relationships between functional diversity, terrestrial invaders, and the surrounding environment in boreal wetlands. Read more about these relationships at the ABMI blog.…

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Savannah trees buffer herbaceous plant biomass against wild and domestic herbivores

Dr Stuart Smith summarizes the results of a recent paper in the Applied Vegetation Science ( that shows specialist grass species underneath trees are important for maintaining herbaceous biomass with increasing herbivore pressure and livestock dominance in African savannahs.…

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