Two new sections of the IAVS Bulletin: Invitation to contribute

By Monika Janišová, the Editor of IAVS Bulletin

The IAVS Bulletin, the newsletter of the International Association for Vegetation Science published in digital form four times a year, is introducing two new contribution sections.

Section on sampling methodology

  • Do you use a reliable, well-developed methodology to investigate vegetation or to answer important questions related to vegetation, which you would like to popularise?
  • Did you invent a new or unusual approach to study phenomena related to vegetation, which you would like to share?
  • Do you find certain methods in vegetation science problematic that you would like to discuss and improve?

If your answer to any of these questions is YES, then you may be an ideal person to contribute to our new forum devoted to methods, newly established as a regular section of the IAVS Bulletin.

Section on fieldwork celebration

Every year vegetation scientists are eagerly awaiting the growing season, which is significantly different from their life in other periods of the year. For most of us the fieldwork is a bridge to our study system, the essential contact we need to better understand ecosystems and ecosystem processes. It is not only this professional relationship that is important – we also enjoy being in the fresh air, working with colleagues and the beauty of nature that surrounds us. Often, we experience funny events but also embarrassing ones, which we laugh at after some years. The regular section on fieldwork celebration in the IAVS Bulletin was established for all of you who would like to share the fieldwork moments or stories.

You are welcome to send your contributions to The deadline for the July issue is July 5, 2020.