VCS now with an attractive cover

By Jürgen Dengler, VCS Chief Editor

Vegetation Classification and Survey, the gold open access journal of IAVS in the fields of vegetation classification and ecoinformatics now has an attractive cover: It was designed by the VCS Chief Editors together with the publisher to highlight both the diversity of vegetation types from around the globe that are covered in the journal and, via the similarity in style, the close connection to the two other IAVS journals, JVS and AVS.

VCS has adopted the principle of “continuous publishing” to ensure the fastest possible publication of accepted papers. This means that there will be no difference between an online-early and a later definitive version, but the version first published online will already have the final page numbers, without waiting for the completion of an issue. This principle is beneficial for authors, but means that VCS will not have separate issues like traditional journals anymore. Instead, after completion of the articles of one volume (year), we will always compose post hoc a cover for this volume based on photos and other figures from the most impressive articles of that volume. Our publisher Pensoft will then also offer to order the complete volume in print form to those vegetation ecologists who prefer to have hard copies of the valuable studies. We invite you to submit your exciting vegetation classification and ecoinformatics studies from all over the world to VCS at