We renamed our blog into Vegetation Science Blog: Official blog of the IAVS journals, newly hosted at vegsciblog.org

There is an important update we would like to share with you: we changed the domain name of our blog into vegsciblog.org, and renamed our blog into Vegetation Science Blog: Official blog of the IAVS journals. The reason is that from now, we serve as a blogging platform for all three IAVS journals, newly including also Vegetation Classification and Survey. The original name of the blog, jvsavsblog.org: Official blog of the Journal of Vegetation Science and Applied Vegetation Science, became outdated, and we are happy to update it by the more inclusive one.

All links to previous blog posts are still fully functional since the old website (jvsavsblog.org) is permanently redirected to the new one. The new email address for submitting the blog posts is editor@vegsciblog.org (the old email address, editor@jvsavsblog.org, remains functional). If you subscribed to receiving email notifications about new posts (you can subscribe here), these will be newly sent from editor@vegsciblog.org (consider adding this email address into your email directory). We also modified the name of our Twitter account into @vegsciblog. If you are planning to write a post for the blog, please use the updated MS Word templates provided in the section with Authors Guidelines, and send all emails to editor@vegsciblog.org.

We hope that this change will not bring any confusion to our audience and contributors. If you have any suggestion (or found some mistake which needs to be fixed), please let us know at editor@vegsciblog.org.