Welcome to the official blog of the Journal of Vegetation Science and Applied Vegetation Science!

Did you get your paper recently accepted or published in JVS or AVS? By writing a blog post, you can make your paper more visible and attract more readers. You can also share a story or picture about your story with a wider audience.

We launched the official JVS and AVS blog (www.vegsciblog.org) with the aim to provide an additional communication platform between authors of published papers and potential readers. Blog posts offer a less formal and more relaxed type of writing than research papers, and we would like to use this opportunity to make the research published in JVS and AVS accessible to a broader, possibly even non-scientific audience.

Authors are welcome to prepare some of the following types of blog posts: Plain Language Summary, Behind the Paper, or Video Summary. We will also try our best to solicit Guest Posts on interesting or trending topics in vegetation ecology, and possibly also interviews with authors. Each new post will be advertised via Facebook and Twitter. You can also subscribe to receive announcements about new posts by RSS feed or email announcements.

This blog will get meaningful only if it has enough contributors and enough readers. So, please, spread the word, let also the other know about us!

David Zelený and Viktoria Wagner (blog editors)