Results of the Photo Contest for JVS/AVS 2024 cover pictures

The winners of the Photo Contest for JVS/AVS 2024 cover pictures are TJ Watt and Adolf Češka. Here are the new journal covers with their photographs. The forerunners are Alexandre Pereira, Martin Macek and Maxwell Oliveira.

Epiphytic community of lichens, bryophytes and ferns on the branches of Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis) in the Great Bear Rainforest on the Pacific coast of British Columbia, Canada. Photo credit: TJ Watt.
Pacific Coast bog with Pinus contorta, Carex livida and Sphagnum species in the Wickaninnish Bog near Tofino, Vancouver Island,
Canada. Photo credit: Adolf Češka.
Long-Term Ecological Research on fire in Pantanal wetland, Brazil. 1-hectare plot prescribed burning in the early dry season. Photo credit: Alexandre Pereira.
Repeated survey of subnival Himalayan vegetation after thirteen years show us how slowly these fragile communities evolve, and whether the plants compete or facilitate. Photo credit: Martin Macek,
Transition of environments, starting with monodominant aquatic vegetation, followed by deciduous forest and then Cerrado Rupestre (savannas with rocky outcrops). Amolar region in the Pantanal. Photo credit: Maxwell Oliveira.