VCS is looking for new members of the Editorial Board

The post provided by Jürgen Dengler (on behalf of all VCS Chief Editors)

Vegetation Classification and Survey (VCS), the gold open access journal of IAVS dedicated to developing and applying vegetation typologies as well as to ecoinformatics of vegetation, is growing. Thus, we are seeking colleagues interested in serving in our Editorial Board. As we aim to be as diverse and dynamic as the vegetation on the globe, we particularly encourage people based outside Europe, early-career researchers and women to apply.

Our Editorial Board members provide volunteer service to the journal, both by their reviewing/editing services and by recommending the journal and its articles to other colleagues. We expect our Editorial Board members to be familiar with the scope and publishing practice of the journal. In exchange, we present the names of the Editorial Board members both online ( and in the imprint of the journal. The Editorial Board members are invited to the editorial meetings of VCS and receive the VCS Newsletter, thus get first-hand information on the journal development, and can contribute with their own ideas to it. We seek candidates for the Editorial Review Board and the Linguistic Editor team – while new Associate Editors are selected by ourselves from the Guest Editors and the Editorial Review Board members who did a particularly good service.

Editorial Review Board members need to have their PhD completed, have topical first-author paper(s) published in international journals and preferentially also some experience as peer reviewer.

Linguistic Editors are a relatively unique service of VCS to its many non-native-speaking authors. After acceptance, their articles get professional linguistic editing for free. Linguistic Editors should be native speakers of English or have linguistic skills on a comparable level. They do not need to have a PhD but should be well familiar with the style of scientific writing in ecology and botany.

Please send your application until 31 March 2023 to Jürgen Dengler, with a cover letter briefly explaining why you are interested in joining the Editorial Board of this particular journal and specifying whether you are applying for the Editorial Review Board or as Linguistic Editor. Please attach a short CV. If applying for the Editorial Review Board, we would like to specifically see your previous experience with (a) first-authored papers in English, (b) review service and (c) potentially also editor experiences. If you have a well-curated Web of Science Researcher (formerly Publons) profile (e.g., you could most conveniently send just a link to this. If applying as Linguistic Editor, please explain your previous experience in editing scientific texts linguistically.