Palaearctic Grasslands 53 is published

The post was provided by Idoia Biurrun (Chief Editor of Palaearctic Grasslands).

This post refers to the new issue 53 of Palaearctic Grasslands (

Main text: The new issue of Palaearctic Grasslands is out, and you can read the complete issue here.

This new issue comes with several announcements; the most important is the one presenting the EDGG Fund for Ukrainian Scientists, to which any of us can make donations to help our Ukrainian colleagues to continue their scientific careers. You can find more details about this fund in the issue and on our website (

PG53 also includes a detailed report on the Asian Grassland Conference, which was held online from 19 to 21 April 2022 with great success. Apart from plenary presentations, oral and poster contributions and three workshops, the conference included a photographic competition on Asian grasslands, their landscapes, people, plants and animals. The best shots show us the wonders of Asian grasslands in the amazing Photo Competition section. 

You can find more beautiful photos of landscapes, plants and animals in a Photo Story on the Vorskla River in Ukraine. One new document of the amazing Ukrainian nature. One new call to our spirit and mind. Already more than three months that the invasion and destruction started.