Palaearctic Grasslands 52 is published, dedicated to Ukraine and its people

The post provided by Idoia Biurrun (Chief Editor of Palaearctic Grasslands).

This post refers to the new issue 52 of Palaearctic Grasslands (

The new issue of Palaearctic Grasslands is out, and you can read the complete issue here.

This new issue has been finished under the dramatic scenario of Ukraine’s invasion by the Russian army under the command of President Putin and is dedicated to Ukraine and its people. Cover photo honours Ukraine and brave Ukrainians, and the issue celebrates the wonderful 15th EDGG Field Workshop, conducted ad hoc in Southern Ukraine in May 2021, with a detailed Scientific Report.

This issue originally included the announcement of the unfortunate 16th Field Workshop, planned for May 2020 in steppes of Ukraine along a broad latitudinal gradient. The pandemic delayed it for two years, and now the Russian invasion forced to postpone it once more. We hope it will be finally conducted next year in a free Ukraine.

This issue also includes a Research Article on grassland diversity within Swiss protected areas, as well as announcements of several events and new special issues in scientific journals. You can also find there a first complete call of the 17th Eurasian Grassland Conference in Tolosa (Spain) to be held in September 2022, hopefully in a scenario with the Russian army out of Ukraine.