New Special Collection on “Neotropical vegetation” launched by VCS

By Gwendolyn Peyre (Guest Editor of the Special Collection) & Jürgen Dengler (Chief Editor of Vegetation Classification and Survey)

The IAVS Regional Section Latin America and the Caribbean and IAVS’ gold open access journal “Vegetation Classification and Survey” are proud to launch a joint Special Collection dedicated to “Neotropical vegetation”.

Editors: Gwendolyn Peyre (Colombia), Bianca Andrade (Brazil), Alejandro Velazquez (Mexico), Melisa Giorgis (Chair, Argentina)


Scope: With more than 120,000 vascular plant species, Latin America and the Caribbean harbour about 1/3 of the World’s flora. This incredible floristic richness inhabits varied biomes from selvas to deserts and mountains, and several biodiversity hotspots, such as Mesoamerica, the Tropical Andes or Brazilian Cerrado. The Special Collection on “Neotropical vegetation” aims at contributing important scientific studies that will improve our knowledge on the region’s vegetation and cover the main biomes representative of Latin America and the Caribbean. The Special Collection will be arranged around three main complementary themes:

  1. Vegetation data, distribution, representativeness and access
  2. Vegetation description, analysis and classification
  3. Vegetation management and conservation

Studies that encompass at least one of the themes from the perspective of vegetation classification/typology and/or ecoinformatics are eligible. The Special Collection aims at providing the first comprehensive overview on the actual vegetation classification research across the Neotropical biogeographic realm. The focus is on “Research Papers”, “Reviews and Syntheses” and “Database Reports”, but also any other article type of the journal is possible.

Procedure and deadlines:

  • Until 28 February 2022: Please submit your (preliminary) abstract to Gwendolyn Peyre ( The abstract must follow the VCS Author Guidelines.
  • Until 31 March 2022: Authors will be notified whether their planned work is eligible for submission.
  • Until 31 August 2022: Submission of invited papers, which will then undergo peer review.
  • First half of 2023: Completion of the Special Collection with the publication of an Editorial by the Guest Editors.

Please note that “Vegetation Classification and Survey” is a gold open access journal, which normally requests article processing charges (APCs) from authors. Thanks to the generous support of the IAVS (, articles submitted by the end of 2022 are exempt from APCs as long as the first author is an IAVS member, while reduced membership fees apply to most Latin American countries.