VCS: volume No. 2 completed

Post provided by Jürgen Dengler (on behalf of all VCS Chief Editors)

Cover of volume No. 2 of Vegetation Classification and Survey. Photo credits: I. Dembicz & J. Dengler.

The second volume of IAVS’ gold open access journal Vegetation Classification and Survey (VCS) has just been completed. With 25 contributions (+ 14%) and 310 printed pages (+ 41%), it has considerably grown compared to the first volume. You find the articles here for free download: The cover of the volume was composed of motifs related to the Editors’ Award 2021 article by Dembicz et al. (2021). While VCS is an online journal, it is also possible to order a print copy of the annual volume in high quality for € 84.50 from


  • Dembicz, I., Dengler, J., Gillet, F., Matthews, T.J., Steinbauer, M.J., Bartha, S., et al. 2021. Fine-grain beta diversity in Palaearctic open vegetation: variability within and between biomes and vegetation types. Vegetation Classification and Survey 2: 293–304.