Palaearctic Grasslands 51 is published

The post provided by Idoia Biurrun (Chief Editor of Palaearctic Grasslands)

This post refers to the new issue 51 of Palaearctic Grasslands (

The new issue of Palaearctic Grasslands, EDGG’s scientific journal and magazine, is out, and you can read the complete issue here. It contains 36 pages full of nice photos, many of them in a nice Photo Story on grasslands of the Mongolian Plateau. We also present the three best shots on “Grassland birds”, the topic of our last Photo Competition. PG51 also announces the next Photo Competition “Asian grasslands”. You are invited to send your photos (up to three) of any combination of the following topics: Asian grassland plants, Asian grassland animals, Asian grassland landscapes, and Humans and grasslands in Asia.

Asia will be in fact on our focus next winter. As we already announced in PG50, the Asian Grassland Conference will be held virtually from 22 to 24 February 2022. In this issue, we remind our readers about this event and provide further details on the keynote talks, workshops and special features.

Wintertime is also the time for a new edition of Talk Grasslands online conferences, launched successfully last winter. Details are given in this issue. PG51 also contains the announcements of the 17th EDGG Field Workshop on Ukrainian steppes (May-June 2022) and the 17th Eurasian Grassland Conference in Tolosa, Spain (September 2022). Several special issues in Vegetation Classification and Survey, Hacquetia, Tuexenia, and Biologia are announced as well.

Palaearctic Grasslands is also publishing scientific articles. This time, a Forum article illustrates us on the European policy frameworks supporting mountain grasslands.