Palaearctic Grasslands 48 is published

Post provided by Jürgen Dengler (Deputy Chief Editor of Palaearctic Grasslands)

The new issue of Palaearctic Grasslands is out. Palaearctic Grasslands is the diamond open access journal of EDGG, the IAVS Working Group dealing with ecology and conservation of natural and semi-natural grasslands of the Palaearctic biogeographic realm, taking into account not only plants and vegetation, but also animals, fungi, soils, landscapes and land use.

This is now the 12th issue of the former Bulletin of the EDGG under the new name “Palaearctic Grasslands”. Along with this new name we had established a new concept, which combines three elements in a novel type of journal: (1) Palaearctic Grasslands continues to be the “newsletter” for EDGG-related announcements and short contributions from our members, but we now (2) offer also peer-reviewed scientific articles and (3) serve as a photo magazine whose aesthetic photos celebrate the beauty of grasslands and their biota. The option of peer-reviewed articles is used increasingly, and some of our scientific articles (in four categories: Research Article, Forum Article, Review and Scientific Report) are quite well cited (see our profile on Google Scholar). Excellent photos appear on the cover, throughout the issue, but particularly in the “Photo Stories” and in the “Photo Competitions”. The latter are always devoted to one theme and in the next issue the three winning motifs are presented.

With issue 48 also the term of duty of the current Editorial Team (Chief Editor Anna Kuzemko, Deputy Chief Editors Idoia Biurrun and Jürgen Dengler, Photo Editor Rocco Labadessa) has come to an end. In the issue the candidates for the next EDGG Executive Committee are presented. From those who are elected, the next Chief Editor Team will be appointed for the period 2021–2023.

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