Results of the Photo Competition for JVS/AVS 2021 cover pictures

The winners of the Photo Competition for JVS/AVS 2021 cover pictures are Hsun-Hung Chu and Adrián Purkart. The forerunners are Gianmaria Bonari, Nenad Jasprica and Ricarda Pätsch.

Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all the colleagues who submitted their pictures . Here is the overview of the best pictures.

Epiphytes on a big tree in a cloud forest in warm and humid mid-elevations of Taiwan. There are four epiphytic genera (Asplenium, Goniophlebium, Haplopteris and Lemmaphyllum) and five species occurring on this single branch. Photo credit: Hsun-Hung Chu.
Oak wooded pasture in Panónsky háj (Šúr Nature Reserve), Slovakia, three years after restoration. After the cessation of traditional management, this habitat was overgrown by young trees that caused dieback of veteran oaks and decline of understorey biodiversity. Therefore, most of the young trees and shrubs were cut down, and cattle grazing was re-introduced. Only two years later, several rare, previously absent species of insects and plants were recorded. Photo credit: Adrián Purkart.
Autumn aspect of coniferous forests with Larix decidua and Picea abies in the Italian Alps. Photo credit: Gianmaria Bonari.
Mountain hay meadow with Trollius europaeus in the Italian Alps. Photo credit: Gianmaria Bonari
Dalmatian black pine (Pinus nigra subsp. dalmatica) forest with fire marks in southern Croatia. Photo credit: Nenad Jasprica.
Salt marshes on Spiekeroog (Germany), a part of the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site. This community grows at the mean low water line, forming a dense turf on bare, regularly flooded soil low in oxygen. In midsummer, lavender-colored flowers of Limonium vulgare dominate the landscape. Photo credit: Ricarda Pätsch.